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ITU J Faculty Arch: 8 (2)
Volume: 8  Issue: 2 - December 2011
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Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu
Pages I - II

2.Quantitative models in planning
Handan Türkoğlu, Mehmet Ali Yüzer
Pages 1 - 3
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3.Changing importance of quantitative methods in regional development and planning
Ayda Eraydın
Pages 4 - 16

4.Quantitative data evaluation model in the process of planning: Case of Istanbul metropolitan area
Mehmet Ali Yüzer
Pages 17 - 34

5.An analysis of spatial development tendency of Istanbul
Fatih Terzi, Fulin Bölen
Pages 35 - 48

6.The spatial distribution of economic base multipliers: A GIS and spatial statistics-based cluster analysis
K. Mert Çubukçu
Pages 49 - 62

7.Cellular automata-Markov chain and landscape metrics for landscape planning
Hayriye Eşbah, Mehmet Akif Erdoğan, Anil Akın Tanrıöver
Pages 63 - 79

8.Environmental risk assessment of the Seyhan watershed using spatial modelling
Süha Berberoğlu, Cenk Dönmez, Mehmet Akif Erdoğan
Pages 80 - 90

9.Modelling land use changes in Karaburun by using CLUE-s
Nurdan Erddoğan, Engin Nurlu, Ümit Erdem
Pages 91 - 102

10.Product semantics meets the user: A Design workshop with a fresh look to an old paradigm
Hümanur Bağlı
Pages 103 - 121

11.Design integration and organisational routines
Serkan Güneş
Pages 122 - 136

12.Analysis of the usage process after ISO 9000 certification in the Turkish construction sector
Elçin Taş, Sezgi Yıldırım
Pages 137 - 155

13.Island living as a gated community: Place attachment in an isolated environment
Erincik Edgü, Fitnat Cimşit
Pages 156 - 177

14.“Public space” versus “individual space”: Cities made of buildings or buildings made by cities
Yüksel Demir
Pages 178 - 189

15.Basics landscape architecture: Urban design
Pelin Öztürk
Pages 190 - 191

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