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ITU J Faculty Arch: 8 (1)
Volume: 8  Issue: 1 - June 2011
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Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu
Page III

2.Urban transformation: Controversies, contrasts and challenges
Nuran Zeren Gülersoy, Zeynep Günay, Turgay Kerem Koramaz, Buket Önem
Pages 1 - 9
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3.Conceptual challenges on urban transformation
Nuran Zeren Gülersoy, Ebru Gürler
Pages 10 - 24

4.Exhibitions and town planning culture: An Australian perspective
Robert Freestone, Marco Amati
Pages 25 - 39

5.Urban renewal, masterplanning and design information management: A New Zealand waterfront case study
John G. Hunt
Pages 40 - 52

6.Knowledge-based urban development processes of an emerging knowledge city: Brisbane, Australia
Tan Yiğitcanlar
Pages 53 - 67

7.Parallel Routes: Proposals for large scale projects in the centres of Athens and Istanbul at the beginning of the twentieth century
Emmanuel V. Marmaras, Savvas E. Tsilenis
Pages 68 - 84

8.The building of Istanbul docks 1870-1910. New entrepreneurial and cartographic data
Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis
Pages 85 - 99

9.“Les Transformations d’Istanbul”: Henri Prost’s planning of Istanbul (1936-1951)
Cânâ Bilsel
Pages 100 - 116

10.Urban regeneration projects in Istanbul and documentary value
Yonca Kösebay Erkan, E. Füsun Alioğlu
Pages 117 - 128

11.Planning a model Soviet city: Transforming Vladivostok under Stalin and Brezhnev
William Harrison Richardson
Pages 129 - 142

12.A historical and comparative analysis of the basic character of the Japanese planning system: Toward a drastic reform for decentralization and participation
Shun-ichi J. Watanebe
Pages 143 - 154

13.The complexity of urban transformation in China: New trends in current transitional era
Yuheng Li
Pages 155 - 168

14.Urban transformation of Seoul and Tokyo by legal redevelopment project
Seungyeou Cho
Pages 169 - 183

15.Appropriating modernism: Apartheid and the South African township
Errol J. Haarhoff
Pages 184 - 195

16.ProNaF, Ciudad Juarez: Planning and urban transformation
Marisol Rodriguez, Hector Rivero
Pages 196 - 207

17.Urban characteristics of Istanbul: Problem or potential?
İpek Yürekli, Arda İnceoğlu
Pages 208 - 218

18.Damages and failures observed in infill walls of reinforced concrete frame after 1999 Kocaeli earthquake
Serkan Yatağan
Pages 219 - 228

19.Ecological corridors and clusters for environmental master plan and environmental management studies of Istanbul
Sultan Gündüz, Gülşen Güler, Ahmet Cengiz Yıldızcı
Pages 229 - 240

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