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ITU J Faculty Arch: 18 (1)
Volume: 18  Issue: 1 - March 2021
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3.Understanding design creativity through pretense ability
Derya Gürcan, Deniz Leblebici Başar
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.32815  Pages 1 - 16

4.Research for evaluating perception of concrete material by using visual research methods in learning environments
Ervin Garip, Beren Seymen
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.34545  Pages 17 - 28

5.The relationship between living environment and daily life routines of older adults
Rümeysa Bayar, Handan Türkoğlu
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.43410  Pages 29 - 43

6.Hierarchical multiple regression modelling on predictors of neighbourhood satisfaction in violence-induced segregated urban environments
Rasheed Osuolale Oladosu, Ahmad Nazri Muhamad Ludin, Audu Gani Bogoro
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.71224  Pages 45 - 62

7.Housing and urban continuity: The 1930s urbanistic experiments in Oran
Sofiane Taibi, Mohamed Madani
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.39206  Pages 63 - 77

8.Urban sprawl: An empirical analysis for Konya Province- Turkey
Fadim Yavuz
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2020.04834  Pages 79 - 97

9.Issues in the planning and design of university campuses in Turkey
Berna Yaylalı Yıldız, Ela Cil
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2020.03789  Pages 99 - 114

10.A review of LEED green building certification systems in Europe and Turkey
Şule Filiz Akşit, Eren Baştanoğlu
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.72473  Pages 115 - 126

11.Measuring effects of building orientation and vegetation on thermal comfort by ENVI-met (Case study: Maslak area, Istanbul)
Hadi Rezaei Rad, Narges Afzali
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2020.89106  Pages 127 - 137

12.LEED certified mixed-use residential buildings in Istanbul: A study on category-based performances
Özge Süzer
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2020.35002  Pages 139 - 152

13.Exploring the ‘R’s and constructing the big picture of ‘recycling’ in architecture and construction industry
Arulmalar Ramaraj, Jothilakshmy Nagammal
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.33254  Pages 153 - 169

14.The experimental works conducted on modern heritage and mixed system buildings with the purpose of the conservation and restoration
Seden Acun Özgünler, Mehmet Serkan Yatağan, Nihal Arıoğlu
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2020.86648  Pages 171 - 182

15.Şile and its castle: Historical topography and medieval architectural history
Hasan Sercan Sağlam
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2020.26779  Pages 183 - 198

16.Biography of a monument: Historical and morphological survey of the Tower of Justice (Adalet Kulesi)
Nilay Özlü
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.87262  Pages 199 - 216

17.Qubba of the Ksour Mountains, between material and immaterial
Djeradi Mustapha Ameur, Abdelkader Lakjaa
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.71602  Pages 217 - 234

18.The influence of traditional Indian architecture in Balkrishna Doshi’s IIM Complex at Bangalore: A comparative analysis using fractal dimensions and lacunarity
Mario Lodeweik Lionar, Özgür Mehmet Ediz
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.80388  Pages 235 - 252

19.The dialectic of the instrumental and the aesthetic mind in the philosophy of Theodore Adorno and its representations in contemporary art
Mowafaq Ali Alsaggar, Monther Al- Atoum
doi: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.46504  Pages 253 - 267

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