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ITU J Faculty Arch: 12 (1)
Volume: 12  Issue: 1 - March 2015
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Gül Koçlar Oral
Pages I - II

3.Young Views on Urban Design
Nuran Zeren Gülersoy, İpek Akpınar, Pelin Öztürk Ekdi
Pages 1 - 2
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4.A pedesterianization case in the context of public interest: A pedesterianization project in Eminönü historical peninsula (Hobyar neighborhood and surroundings)
Müge Çalışkan Aydın, Hatice Ayataç
Pages 3 - 13

5.Measuring walkability in Istanbul Galata Region
Özlem Özer, Ayşe Sema Kubat
Pages 15 - 29

6.The evaluation of the integration of industrial heritage areas to urban landscape: The case study of Sumerbank Kayseri cotton factory
Özlem Kevseeroğlu Durmuş, Ayşe Sema Kubat
Pages 31 - 36

7.Urban sections
Nurgül Yardım, Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu
Pages 37 - 51

8.Fringe belts in the process of urban planning and design: Comparative analyses of Istanbul and Barcelona
Dalya Hazar, Ayşe Sema Kubat
Pages 53 - 65

9.Cultural/creative industries in Istanbul: Beyoğlu case
Fatma Pelin Öztürk Ekdi, Hale Çıracı
Pages 67 - 82

10.Changes of urban structure in the Cihangir neighborhood: Some proposals for re-designing the area
Özlem Öztel Ağsakallı, Nuran Zeren Gülersoy
Pages 83 - 105

11.Children psychology and outdoor play areas in Istanbul: Bakırköy & Beylikdüzü cases
Füsun Selçuk Kirazoğlu, İpek Akpınar
Pages 107 - 114

12.Assessment of urban identity characteristics in public places: A case study of Ortaköy Square
Başak Damla Erdoğan, Hatice Ayataç
Pages 115 - 125

13.Appropriation in souvenir design and production: A study in museum shops
Çiğdem Kaya, Burcu Yançatarol Yağız
Pages 127 - 146

14.Perceived values of web-based collective design platforms from the perspective of industrial designers in reference to Quirky and OpenIDEO
Milad Hajiamiri, Fatma Korkut
Pages 147 - 159

15.Towards new sources for industrial product design curriculum: Collectivism and social network
Koray Gelmez, Hümanur Bağlı
Pages 161 - 179

16.Scenario-based land use estimation: The case of Sakarya
Fatih Terzi
Pages 181 - 203

17.Proposals for redevelopment of Haliç Shipyards from the perspective of local economic development
Cem Beygo
Pages 205 - 219

18.Institutionalization of disaster risk discourse in reproducing urban space in Istanbul
Miray Özkan Eren, Özlem Özçevik
Pages 221 - 241

19.Women, social housing and urban spaces: Places to dwell and places where women are being attacked on their way home
Cemile Tiftik, İlker Turan
Pages 243 - 255

20.On informal developments
İrem Mollaahmetoğlu Falay
Pages 257 - 267

21.Post-disaster shelter design and CPoDS
Belinda Torus, Sinan Mert Şener
Pages 269 - 282

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