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ITU J Faculty Arch: 11 (2)
Volume: 11  Issue: 2 - December 2014
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Gül Koçlar Oral
Pages I - II

3.Space syntax
Ayşe Sema Kubat
Pages 1 - 7
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4.Space and planned informality: Strong and weak programme categorisation in public learning environments
Cauê Capillé, Sophia Psarra
Pages 9 - 29

5.The influence of spatial organization of the home on inhabitant activity
Sonit Bafna, Earle Chambers
Pages 31 - 46

6.Beyond analytical knowledge: The need for a combined theory of generation and explanation
Sophia Psarra
Pages 47 - 68

7.Towards a psychology of syntactical readings: The case of applying a Cognitive Task Analysis method in acquiring and utilizing configuration-related knowledge
Konstantinos Ioannidis
Pages 69 - 85

8.Walkability and the complexity of walking behavior
Eunyoung Choi
Pages 87 - 99

9.Walkability: Perceived and measured qualities in action
Özlem Özer, Ayşe Sema Kubat
Pages 101 - 117

10.Configurational exploration of pedestrian and cyclist movements: A case study of Hangzhou, China
Xiaoling Dai, Wenbo Yu
Pages 119 - 130

11.Historic city centers under threat: The case of Sharjah, UAE
Ayşe Sema Kubat, Yasemin İnce Güney, Özlem Özer
Pages 131 - 151

12.Gender and urban space: An examination of a small Anatolian city
Yasemin İnce Güney
Pages 153 - 172

13.A comparative study of the morphological characteristics of residential areas in San Francisco
Mehmet Topcu, Michael Southworth
Pages 173 - 189

14.The spatial flaws of new towns: Morphological comparison between a Chinese new and old town through the application of space syntax, spacematrix and mixed use index
Yu Ye, Akkelies Van Nes
Pages 191 - 208

15.The spatial dimensions of trade: From the geography of uses to the architecture of local economies
Laura Narvaez, Alan Penn, Sam Griffiths
Pages 209 - 230

16.Patterns of sustainable mobility and the structure of modality in the Randstad city-region
Jorge Gil, Stephen Read
Pages 231 - 254

17.Can spatial form support urban ecosystem services: Developing descriptions and measures to capture the spatial demands for pollination using the framework of space syntax
Lars Marcus, Meta Berghauser Pont, Åsa Gren
Pages 255 - 270

18.Access to healthcare: A field survey in Istanbul
Muhammed Ziya Paköz, Mehmet Ali Yüzer
Pages 271 - 290

19.Integration and urban mobility of migrant women: Pilot project findings based on knowledge and experience transfer
Melis Oğuz, Özlem Özçevik
Pages 291 - 305

20.A study on determining the optimal energy retrofit strategies for an existing residential building in Turkey
Suzi Dilara Mangan, Gül Koçlar Oral
Pages 307 - 333

21.Building form effects on energy efficient heat pump application for different climatic zones
Banu Erdim, Gülten Manioğlu
Pages 335 - 349

22.A computational model for mass customized housing design bu using cellular automata
Ahmet Emre Dinçer, Hakan Tong, Gülen Çağdaş
Pages 351 - 368

23.A fuzzy AHP model for designing spatial relations in user perspective
Asena Kumsal Şen Bayram, Sinan Mert Şener
Pages 369 - 382

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