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ITU J Faculty Arch: 11 (1)
Volume: 11  Issue: 1 - June 2014
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Tüzin Baycan
Pages I - II

3.Cities at risk
Seda Kundak
Pages 1 - 4
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4.Risk governance: Application to urban planning
Ortwin Renn, Andreas Klinke
Pages 5 - 19

5.Challenges and opportunities for building urban resilience
Weıchselgartner Juergen, Ilan Kelman
Pages 20 - 35

6.Urban resilience: A framework for empowering cities in face of heterogeneous risk factors
Adriana Galderisi
Pages 36 - 58

7.Urban geographies of vulnerability and resilience in the economic crisis era – the case of Athens
Kalliopi Sapountzaki, Christos Chalkias
Pages 59 - 75

8.The seismic risk in Istanbul: An innovative assessment method
Alessandro Demarchi
Pages 76 - 98

9.Vulnerability to earthquake in Istanbul: An application of the ENSURE methodology
Funda Atun, Scira Menoni
Pages 99 - 116

10.Risk perception in Istanbul: An earthquake-prone city
Seda Kundak, Handan Türkoğlu, Alper İlki&775;
Pages 117 - 137

11.Design games: A conceptual framework for dynamic evolutionary design
N. Onur Sönmez, Arzu Erdem
Pages 138 - 157

12.The role of interpretation in basic design
Ethem Gürer, Mine Özkar, Gülen Çağdaş
Pages 158 - 173

13.A statistical data analysis for increasing the kitchen design performance
Deniz Ayşe Yazıcıoğlu
Pages 174 - 184

14.Curriculum development in interior architecture education: ITU case
Özge Cordan, Emine Görgül, Bahadır Numan, Benek Çinçik
Pages 185 - 197

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