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ITU J Faculty Arch: 10 (1)
Volume: 10  Issue: 1 - June 2013
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Y. Çağatay Seçkin
Pages II - IV

2.Istanbul as a palimpsest city and imperfection
Hülya Turgut
Pages 1 - 4
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3.Memory of metropolis / remembering and forgetting in metropolis
Işıl Ekin Çalak
Pages 5 - 16

4.The imperfection of the incomplete timeless urban space
Derya Karaali, Ahsen Karagöl
Pages 17 - 36

5.Limits of re-writing and legibility of transformations in Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula: An interpretation inspired from the Wabi-Sabi philosophy
Nazlı Taraz
Pages 37 - 50

6.An urban reading in-between past and future: Palimpsest identity
Afşar Karababa
Pages 51 - 64

7.Non-erasable human traces against urban transformation
Nevşet Gül Çanakçıoğlu
Pages 65 - 83

8.“Gentrification” as an effective force: Case study: Reconstruction plan of Hafisa Quarter (Medina of Tunisia)
Zehra Mahmoudi Manesh, Jafer Kerimpour
Pages 84 - 95

9.Urban planning experience in Kayseri in the 1940s: 1945 Oelsner – Aru City Plan
Suat Çabuk, Kemal Demir
Pages 96 - 116

10.ECO-SPIRIT: Sustainable development and environmental awareness in contemporary liturgical planning
Vilmos Katona, Zorán Vukoszávlyev
Pages 117 - 127

11.Urban metamorphosis and Islamic Architecture in the time of globalization: Utopian realities and challenges
Majdi Faleh
Pages 128 - 137

12.Can place-attachment provide cultural sustainability? Empirical research on Turkish neighborhoods ‘mahalle’
İmre Özbek Eren
Pages 138 - 158

13.The effects of water elements in urban space perception: A case study in Üsküdar Municipality Square
Eren Kurkcuoglu, Oya Akin
Pages 159 - 175

14.The new agenda-setter in design milieu: Landscape
Ebru Erbaş Gürler, Ahmet Cengiz Yıldızcı
Pages 176 - 193

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