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Qubba of the Ksour Mountains, between material and immaterial [ITU J Faculty Arch]
ITU J Faculty Arch. Articles in Press: ITUJFA-71602 | DOI: 10.5505/itujfa.2021.71602  

Qubba of the Ksour Mountains, between material and immaterial

Djeradi Mustapha Ameur1, Abdelkader Lakjaa2
1Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Sciences and Technology University of Oran - Mohamed Boudiaf, Oran, Algérie
2Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, Universtiy of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Oran, Algeria

The study of architectural shapes of funeral monuments such as the Qubbas requires a particular attention owing to their diversities and symbolic. Describing and examining the shapes of Qubbas, looking for explanations about their differences and their locations are the objectives. Each time, the “How” will help us understand the “Why”. The analysis is typological, anthropological and axiological. We installed a duality, by putting the different criteria of analysis together within an architectural rationale to clear the types and the typologies inherent in these buildings and explain the causes of differentiations between these types. Three typologies of Qubbas were revealed. Their variability lies in the dimensional aspect, the commonly used columns, the technique of connecting the square base to the dome and finally the type of dome. This variability is due essentially to the religious characters they live in. It seems pertinent today to cease to see the architecture of Qubba in terms of spontaneous architecture. These little funerary and sacred monuments, that we see, as the product of spontaneity are in reality the product of a rigorous reflection, more complex than the current reflections, in the sense that what is taken into account is not only the material but more and in particular the immaterial.

Keywords: Immaterial, Ksour-Mountains, Material, Qubba, Typologies.

Corresponding Author: Djeradi Mustapha Ameur, Algeria

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